Commit c5b6ed88 authored by Ivaria's avatar Ivaria
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Merge branch 'pws_fix' into 'wotlkc'

fix the bug : shield bar disappear if user cast high level PWS on a lower one

See merge request !64
parents f8469e8c 1d1a874e
......@@ -214,7 +214,6 @@ local function VUHDO_removeShield(aUnit, aShieldName)
VUHDO_SHIELD_LEFT[aUnit][aShieldName] = nil;
VUHDO_SHIELD_EXPIRY[aUnit][aShieldName] = nil;
VUHDO_SHIELD_LAST_SOURCE_GUID[aUnit][aShieldName] = nil;
VUHDO_SHIELD_LEFT_TEMP[aUnit][aShieldName] = nil;
--VUHDO_xMsg("Removed shield " .. aShieldName .. " from " .. aUnit);
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