Commit 9f45927b authored by Ivaria's avatar Ivaria

Fixed redundant profile reloading on talent change

parent ae3f9239
......@@ -697,8 +697,8 @@ function VUHDO_OnEvent(_, anEvent, anArg1, anArg2, anArg3, anArg4, anArg5, anArg
local tBestProfile = VUHDO_getBestProfileAfterSpecChange();
-- event sometimes fires multiple times so we must de-dupe
if (VUHDO_SPEC_LAYOUTS["selected"] ~= VUHDO_SPEC_LAYOUTS[tSpecNum]) or
(VUHDO_CONFIG["CURRENT_PROFILE"] ~= tBestProfile) then
if (not VUHDO_strempty(VUHDO_SPEC_LAYOUTS[tSpecNum]) and (VUHDO_SPEC_LAYOUTS["selected"] ~= VUHDO_SPEC_LAYOUTS[tSpecNum])) or
(not VUHDO_strempty(tBestProfile) and (VUHDO_CONFIG["CURRENT_PROFILE"] ~= tBestProfile)) then
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Bugfixes:
-- Fixed error when slash command had zero arguments
-- Fixed class name text for classless units (defaults to creature type)
-- Fixed error on target switch in combat with show class name enabled
-- Fixed redundant profile reloading on talent change
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