Commit 3f9abf59 authored by Matthieu Saint Aubin's avatar Matthieu Saint Aubin Committed by Ivaria
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Don't change panels strata while config panel is shown

It made all panels and their children have same strata, which make some widget with tooltip strata show behind other panels
parent bb88c7bb
......@@ -709,7 +709,9 @@ function VUHDO_fixFrameLevels(anIsForceUpdateChildren, aFrame, aBaseLevel, ...)
tOurLevel = aBaseLevel + 1 + (tChild["addLevel"] or 0);
if not tChild["vfl"] then
if not VUHDO_isConfigPanelShowing() then
tChild["vfl"] = true;
VUHDO_fixFrameLevels(anIsForceUpdateChildren, tChild, tOurLevel, tChild:GetChildren());
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